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Who Are We?

We are SYNOD

We are here with several opportunities in various fields….

 Our main motive is to provide a platform for those who want to compete and showcase their talents in different fields. We aren’t just confined to some cultural topics rather we are trying our best to provide a competitive environment amongst fields where participants can land their ideas and creativity.

Landing and providing platform to creation is the main motive, along with no barrier of location as we try the best to organize all the events online. Hence you don’t have to think, you just have to create, dare and land. An artist would never know how realistic his imagination is, to the time they don’t land it on the sheet.
We will be organizing a competition in every field be it engineering, business, arts, commerce or maybe just school. We will try it for every filed.


"I Was Once A Beginner"

It all starts when YOU Start! It’s something  so obvious, that if you want to face the audience you got to step on the stage.

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Diversity is another level experimental implementation! Join One!